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Family Photography
Says “I love you”

Child Portraiture: The Very First Moments

They say “Time flies,” and nowhere is this more evident than when you’re watching your child grow.  You bring home a sleepy little bundle of baby. Two weeks later, they’re wide eyed, cooing and stretching out. In the blink of an eye, they go from curling in your arms to sitting up, cruising, and standing.  You’ll want to document every moment of that first precious year…but who has the time and energy to do that with a newborn? Professional portraits capture all the milestones, and continuing to visit your photographer throughout childhood is a decision you will never regret.

Family Photography: Your Family Through the Years

Studies have shown that family portraits have a positive effect on children’s self-esteem. Why is this? I believe that when children are constantly taking in images of their happy, loving family, it adds to their sense of security, well-being and their place in the world. Family portraits are a record of how your family has grown and changed through the years, allowing you to stop time for just a moment and recall the baby face, the first  wiggly tooth, the pigtails, and the younger smiles whenever you walk by them.

Family Portraits:
The Art of Your Family’s Life and Love

We use the highest quality processing and production for all of our portraits, and family portraiture is no different. This chronicle of your family’s life together deserves to be treated as art, something to be showcased in your home. A beautiful  portrait, displayed in a place of honor within your home, demonstrates the value you place on family to everyone who walks through your door.  Portraits of your family will only appreciate in value over the years, becoming more priceless as time passes.