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Weddings: A Moment in Family History

Your wedding is an important moment in your family’s history. You may not feel like you’re making history as you create guest lists, pick linen colors and draft seating charts. But the details of the day you formally pledge your love in front of family and friends deserve to be properly documented. In the coming years, you’ll revisit those memories and share them with your children and grandchildren, and they will know that this was the beginning of their history, too.

Wedding Albums: A Family Heirloom

I can recall the excitement of opening my parents’ wedding album as a child. The weight of the book in my lap spoke of its importance. The rich red leather cover was imprinted with their names and wedding date. Inside, there were twenty white, matted pages with gold metal corners, each featuring a single photograph. Those twenty images captured Richard and Jacqueline’s first beautiful moments as a married couple: young, joyful  and very clearly in love. It was the beginning of their own magical story….the beginning of our family history.

Wedding Photography: My Philosophy

We approach every wedding with the goal of documenting the important highlights of the day as well as the moments in between. We are well-versed in anticipating all those moments: the loving glances between you and your partner, the sentimental tears of parents and relatives who can’t believe you’ve grown up so fast, the laughter, hugs, kisses, and dancing with your guests. We also record the small, unique details of cakes, decorations and favors that you’ve chosen so carefully to express who you are as couple. We promise to approach the joy of your wedding day with all the enthusiasm, skill and creativity that you deserve. Your once-in-a-lifetime day is best entrusted to professionals with proven experience in artfully preserving the events of your wedding while providing a calming, helpful presence in the midst of a sometimes chaotic day.

I invite you to view a selection of images from weddings I’ve photographed.
When we meet, I’m happy to share additional images, sample albums and pricing information.

Click the link below to be taken to Pro Image Gallery to view 2 wedding album samples by Deb Bettencourt Photography.

Wedding Album Sample One

Wedding Album Sample Two